14 Freaky Things You Didn't Know Your Body Can Do

It's freezing outside. Why, oh why haven't you put on a jacket and wrapped a scarf around your neck? You feel goosebumps popping up all over your body. Oh, wait - you touch your face, and it feels as smooth as usual. How come it's not sporting any goosebumps? And why don't bald people get goosebumps on their scalp? By the way, why do you get goosebumps at all? And how does this whole mechanism work?

The skin is, without a doubt, a very important part of your body. It’s actually the largest organ in the human body. But despite that fact, it still remains a bit of a mysterious organ. Of course, everybody knows that it can change its color, texture, and appearance, like after sunbathing, for example. But some other reactions, such as blushing, sweating, or getting goosebumps, can give us a deeper understanding of how our body works.


Why do you get goosebumps? 0:19
Why do you get "emotional goosebumps"? 1:09
How does this mechanism work? 1:40
Why don't bald people get goosebumps on their scalp? 3:00
Why do people blush? 3:26
What processes in your body make you blush? 3:59
Why is it mainly cheeks that turn red when you're blushing? 4:29
Why do some people blush more than others? 4:54
Why do ears sometimes turn red? 5:27
What is sweat made of, and why does it taste salty? 6:02
But is sweating really necessary? 6:40
What ways are human tears different from those that animals shed? 7:06
Why do your fingernails turn blue when you get cold? 7:54

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