What Color Isn't Ok for Your Eyes

It's amazing how something as seemingly insignificant as color can influence your mood, emotional state, and even your health! What’s more, one particular color can simultaneously make you feel calm and relaxed and irrevocably damage your eyesight! How so? And which color is it?

Black 0:56
White 1:57
Red 2:50
Orange 4:33
Brown 5:28
Pink 6:09
Green 7:00
Yellow 8:16
Blue 9:34

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- According to feng shui, your kids will be calmer and more creative if you decorate their room in black. Who would have thought it? Also, put black accessories around the house or in your office. This will harmonize the space around you.
- If you need to create the illusion of space in your interiors, use white. It will make your house look larger. But you should keep in mind that pure white makes rooms look sterile, bland, and unfriendly.
- Being surrounded by a lot of red may affect your memory in a negative way. This doesn't mean that you'll keep forgetting names or tasks. But with an abundance of red around you, you'll most likely keep recalling unpleasant things.
- Orange is the color of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy. It attracts attention, and that's exactly why this color is often used in ads, sports teams uniforms, and traffic signs.
- If you want to create an impression of stability, strength, and reliability, choose the color brown.
- The majority of people associate pink with youth, romance, and love. It definitely depends on the particular shade of pink, but, in most cases, this color has a strong calming effect.
- If your home or office has green shades, this will support and maintain your mental health. On top of that, green will help you concentrate on positive things in your life. This way, you will develop a healthier and happier state of mind.
- Yellow is the most cheerful color of them all. People describe it as warm, youthful, optimistic, and friendly. This is also one of the most visible and attention-grabbing colors. You've probably noticed that it's used on roads and in public transport to warn you about potential dangers.
- When you look at the color blue, you feel calm, secure, and relaxed. Businesses willing to project the image of a stable and trustworthy organization often use this color in their ads.

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