9 Tips to Protect Your Data on Your Smartphone

Phones make our life easier, more connected and interesting. But they can bring a lot of trouble too. And among the main ones is interference with our private life.

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❓ HOW they can do it:
- Wireless connection 0:47
- Special equipment 1:19
- Super expensive equipment 1:56
- Instant messengers 2:19
- Own inattention 2:38
❓ Easy ways to protect your phone from tapping:
- Your password 3:23
- SMS code 4:22
- Fake Apps 4:54
- App-lockers 5:50
- Apps that fully protect your phone 6:14
- Another type of connection 6:37
- Computer 7:10
- Update your software 7:37
- Don’t talk about the important things 8:20

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- Hackers can install malware without your knowledge. It can easily enter your phone through MMS messages, mobile Internet, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
- There are special expensive devices to listen to phones. Typically, such a system consists of computers and a few telephones with special modifications.
- There are special listening stations that can be controlled by a professional operator with special education and extensive experience.
- So that no one can read and listen to your messages, instant messengers encrypt your dialogues. To “crack” them, you need a special decryption code.
- The most commonplace and easiest way to put your phone at risk is to leave it somewhere without a password or give it to someone “to play" with.
- The easiest and most banal way – regularly change passwords on your gadgets to protect your phone.
- An attacker won't be able to enter your profile if they know the password, but don't have an SMS code.
- Don't leave Bluetooth on if you're not using it. Hackers can connect and you won’t even notice.
- Don't connect to unknown networks! And the safest thing is to use a personal Wi-Fi modem.
- There are also apps that fully protect your phone. They block connections to dubious networks and communication channels, tell you if a strange activity has appeared on your phone, and encrypt your conversations.
- Most phones use the GSM communication protocol for calling. Unfortunately, this standard can be cracked by someone who has the necessary skills.
- You can always change it to a more secure connection, though, for example, to CDMA.
- Don't connect the phone to the computer if you're not sure that it is clear from viruses.
- If you suspect that your phone is being tapped, then just try not to discuss important information over the phone. Do it in person.

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