That's Why Public Toilets Don't Need Lids

Ugh, standing in line for the bathroom. Waiting your turn to a cacophony of flushes, stalls slamming open and closed, hand dryers blowing, and…other sounds. And why are some public bathrooms so stinky?

Well, one reason is that the toilets in most public bathrooms don’t have lids, so the aroma lets loose. Could it be that city planners want the smell to chase you away, thereby speeding up the line? Is that why public toilets don’t have lids?

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What to do if you drop your phone... down there 0:47
The best reason not to have a lid on a public toilet 🚽 2:59
Keep an eye on your pet! 🐱 3:34
What ancient Rome’s public bathrooms were like 4:24
Exploding toilets 💥 4:52

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- Lids keep you from getting sprayed when you flush! They also prevent stuff in your pockets, like your keys, from falling in.
- At home, things like toothbrushes and medication are way better off bouncing against a lid than falling down the hole. Luckily, in public bathrooms there’s less of a chance of this, as the sink is usually in a separate location.
- Lids can be icky and we spread germs by touching icky things and then absent-mindedly touching something else, like our food or our face.
- Another reason we have lids on toilets is to protect our pets. hat goes double for public bathrooms, which battle those germs we talked about with powerful chemicals.
- Ancient Rome’s public bathrooms were simply long wooden benches with several holes that patrons would sit over.
- Sometimes the toilets exploded! These explosions happened because the things that dropped into the toilets contained a mixture of hydrogen and sulfide: making a boom-boom!
- Romans weren’t the first to install public toilets—that honor belongs to the ancient city of Crete. Flourishing and flushing as far back as 3000 BCE, Cretans developed ground floor latrines that flushed by means of an overhead reservoir.
- After Crete, flush toilets disappeared until 1851, when an exhibition in London charged patrons a penny for the honor.
- Lids cost a lot to replace, and they need to be replaced a lot! Believe it or not, people steal them!
- And when the lids aren’t stolen, they break! Hinges are a weak spot on any toilet seat and, if the bathroom is busy, hinges get a lot of use—some of it rough.
- Every city has a budget, and spending a lot of tax-payer money on tougher toilet seats is a hard sell. It’s easier to just remove the lids altogether.

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