Press Here Just 10 Times, See What Will Happen

What is acupressure? It's a Chinese massage that can improve your daily life physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s been used as a method of healing for over 2,000 years! Traditional medicine takes advantage of these pressure points to stimulate different areas of the body. While there are literally hundreds of these points all over your body the following 10 points will hopefully change your life for the better.

After watching this video, you’ll learn how to ease anxiety, pain, and other ailments thanks to different pressure points! But it’s important to seek professional help if you have trouble finding certain pressure points or are in pain at all!

Relieve cold symptoms 1:27
Press your temples to relieve headaches and stress 2:05
Ease nausea 2:52
Relieve menstrual cramps 3:40
Help sinus pressure 4:25
Stop painful toothaches 5:04
A simple move to relieve acid reflux and heartburn 5:56
Get energized! 6:42
Get rid of joint pain 7:16
Help with anxiety and depression 7:47

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- According to acupressure practices, you can massage the area from the tip of your thumb to the base of your wrist 10–15 times to make your cold symptoms less severe.
- There’s a pressure point on your head that, when manipulated, can relieve you of that awful banging in your skull. Not only does a temple massage work wonders for your headaches, but it’s also a great stress reliever!
- By pressing your wrist in just the right spot you can potentially ease nausea and vomiting.
- If you’d like to opt out of taking painkillers, the pressure point just above your ankle can be a godsend! This pressure point is known in acupressure as San Yin Jiao.
- There are a couple of different pressure points you can hit to relieve your sinus pain. One of the points is located directly between your eyebrows.
- Toothaches are seriously the worst! If you can’t get to the dentist and need some relief, there’s a pressure point on your ankle you can try!
- Put your thumb on the top of your foot in the space between the first and second toe, down toward the bridge of your foot. Press this point pretty firmly, and your heartburn should subside.
- Instead of turning to caffeine, try getting a burst of energy from acupressure! Simply find the spot between your 2 tendons on the top of your forearm, about 3” down from your wrist.
- Reflexologists believe that putting pressure on the upper-middle part of the ear can help ease joint pain.
- There’s a pressure point on your chest that may make you feel better. This pressure point is referred to as the Sea of Tranquility. When manipulated, it can help balance your nervous system and make you feel more emotionally stable.

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