10 Secret Phone Features That'll Surprise Your Friends

How to Use the Secret Features on Your Smartphone. There are numerous secret codes and hidden options most users know nothing about. Of course, everything depends on the model of your phone, its operating system, and sometimes even your network provider. Here are some of the most widespread hacks collected in one video.

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Learn your smartphone's IMEI number quickly. 0:55
Use your smartphone as a DVR (or dash camera). 1:47
Check where your smartphone forwards incoming calls. 2:12
Save memory on your phone. 2:51
Make your calculator app more efficient. 3:25
Open several apps side by side. 3:57
Make items on the screen larger or smaller. 4:29
Hide your number for an outgoing call. 5:16
Make your Android phone more efficient. 5:40
Make your iOS phone more efficient. 6:54


-If you want to learn the IMEI of your smartphone, type in *#06#. The IMEI number will appear on the screen.
-Simply install your phone in a place where it will have the best view of the road to use it as a DVR. To improve its effectiveness, download a special DVR app.
-Code *#67# will allow you to see which number your smartphone is currently using to forward incoming calls when you don't answer.
-You can use cloud services such as iCloud or Dropbox, back up your data onto a PC, or use a memory card. Telegram Messenger can also be of help.
-Swipe left or right over the number in case you dialed a wrong digit using calculator. Every following swipe will remove one digit from the number on the screen.
-Hit the Overview button, pick the apps you want to open simultaneously. After that, drag the title bars to the left or the top of the display. Now choose one more app to appear under or alongside the first one.
-Open the Android Settings, and choose Display. From this menu, pick the Font Size link, and tap it. This will allow you to change the default font size on your phone.
-To hide your number for an outgoing call use a simple code: when you enter *#31# your number will be hidden for all calls.
-You can use voice detection, access Chrome from other devices or try using your phone as scanner on your Android.
-Try fast redial, make TouchID faster, experiment with Burst mode, view unread emails and close many apps at once on your iPhone.

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