A 4-Minute Workout to Slim Down Your Legs

If you want to slim down your legs and get the body of your dreams ready for the summer, this video is just for you. You can make your legs slimmer, sexier, and more toned in just three months with the help of this simple 4-minute morning workout. You can try this super effective workout right now as you watch this video! Save it to your favorites to go back to it whenever you want.

Before every workout, even a short one, it's extremely important to get your body ready. It’s called a “warm-up” for a reason: it increases your blood circulation which, in turn, warms up your muscles to prevent injury. The best way to warm up your body in the morning and prepare it for a leg workout is jogging in place.
We’re gonna begin with lunges. With any exercise, form is key. As for lunges, it’s important to get into the right starting position to perform them correctly.
Outer thigh lifts strengthen your hips and, obviously, your outer thighs.
Frog jumps exercise also has an “afterburner” effect, which means that even after you finish doing it, calories continue to be burnt throughout the next 24 hours.

EDM Detection Mode - Kevin MacLeod
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#1 Warm-up: jogging in place 0:31
#2 Bodyweight lunges 1:59
#3 Outer thigh lifts 3:39
#4 Plié slides 5:07
#5 Frog jumps 6:46
Summing it all up 8:38

-Start by doing kick-backs. This is basically jogging in such a way that your heels touch your butt. Keep doing this for 15 seconds. After that, jog in place while lifting your knees up to waist-level. This is called high-knee marching.
-Lunges aren’t just great at sculpting the legs. They also provide you with improved balance as well as better flexibility in your spine and hip flexor muscle.
-With your right leg straight and planted against the mat, slowly lift your left leg.
Keep it in the air for a couple of seconds, then lower it back down.
-Plié slides will chisel your inner and outer thighs as well as your quads and glutes. Besides toning the legs, plié slides also strengthen the lower body.
-Since frog jumps are a plyometric exercise, you burn calories extremely fast. This helps your legs slim down by sculpting and tightening your thighs.
-Altogether, this leg workout comes to just a hair over 4 minutes. You’ll see great results after 3 months of exercise.

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9 Easy Exercises to Make Your Legs Toned

Squats are the best exercise for getting the butt of your dreams, but we'll prove that you can add roundness to your glutes even without those squats that have already bored everybody to death. We’ve put together nine toning exercises that aren't squats but will nevertheless help you to build the curves you desire. Add this video to your favorites and go back to it 3 times a week for the best possible results.
Here're some highlights of the workout we offer:
• Workout zone: anywhere where there's a flat solid surface (like the floor with an exercise mat on it);
•Targeted zones: the gluteal muscles;
•Workout performance: one complete workout includes nine exercises, each with 10-15 repetitions;
•Workout frequency: 3 times per week;
•The result: a toned and lifted butt, improved body alignment, and improved athletic performance.
When you're doing the leg lifts, hold your spine in a neutral position. Also, keep your head in line with your neck. Exhale and squeeze the butt muscles as you lift the leg.
Remember, building a better butt takes time and dedication, plus make sure you follow a healthy diet!

#buttworkout #roundbutt


Highlights of the workout 0:42
Stiff leg deadlift 1:13
Resistance band glue kickback 2:33
Glute bridge 3:36
Stability ball hamstring curl 4:33
Lateral leg raises 5:40
Plank leg raises 6:42
Dumbbell rear lunge 8:07
Reverse plank hip lift 9:08
Fire hydrant 10:03

-Workout zone, performance, frequency and results are some of the highlights of the workout we offer.
-Basic deadlifts force a lot of your muscles to work simultaneously and are extremely effective for shaping your butt.
-Glute kickbacks are bodyweight exercises that target the buttocks. You'll need a resistance band for this particular exercise to wrap it around one foot and keep the other end under your knee.
-When done properly, glute bridge, that is a simple yet effective exercise, will help you feel how your glutes work in the movement.
-Stability ball hamstring curl is a lower body exercise that targets your hamstrings, calves, and glutes. You can find a stability ball in any gym and use it for this exercise.
-Side leg raises are a good glute workout you can do at home with just your bodyweight. It's very simple to perform, and most of us know its, technique from school.
-Plank leg raises will make your hip flexors and lower back work hard. Do it if you're a beginner or as a warm-up before the main training.
-The main advantage of the reverse rear lunge is that you're putting less stress on the knee joints.
-The main targeted muscles during reverse plank hip lift are the abdominals, lower back, glutes, and triceps.
-Fire hydrant is a single joint exercise that focuses on the gluteus muscles, as well as your core to stabilize your body.

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Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in April 2018

Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in April 2018
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#5: Coming: “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” (2018)
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#4: Coming: “Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity” (2018)
#3: Leaving: “Happy Tree Friends” (1999)
#3: Coming: ““Scarface” (1983)
#2: Leaving: ““Batman” (1989)
#2: Coming: “Chef's Table Pastry” (2018)
#1: Leaving: “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994)
#1: Coming: “Lost in Space” (2018)

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9 Tips for a Perfect Hollywood Smile

How to whiten your teeth naturally at home? Are you looking for way ways to whiten your teeth? We found 9 methods that you can try at home and that won’t do you any harm at all. If you follow this advice on a regular basis, you’ll see your teeth lighten up a few tones!

DIY whitening toothpaste 3:16
Tea tree oil 4:30
Strawberry paste 5:26
Coconut oil 6:27
Activated charcoal mask 7:08
Banana peel whitener 7:50
Lemon mouthwash 8:41
Basil leaves 9:10
Aloe vera 9:50

First of all, it can be genetics. This one is hard to beat. Yellowish teeth tone might be just a thing in your family, and you inherited it from your parents. Don’t blame them. They also gave you a sharp mind and beautiful eyes.
Second, it is certain medications. The antibiotics doxycycline and tetracycline can even darken the teeth of children under 8. Research has shown these medications can even affect a baby who is not born yet. If your mother took them in the second half of her pregnancy, it might give you permanent stains on your teeth as you grow up.
Dentin is also to blame for a not so white smile. It is a material, which lives under your enamel. When the enamel is thin, you can see the dentin. It is that deep yellow to the brownish color we hate to see on our teeth.

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