5 Exercises It's Better to Avoid If You Train Alone

How to Stay Healthy while Exercising. Whether you prefer to run, swim, or hit the gym, one thing is certain: we’re all working out a whole lot more. The US alone has seen an increase of 5,500 gyms since 2012. Unfortunately, there are many ways you could be exercising incorrectly and permanently damaging your body in the process. Just as a jogger running on concrete can injure their legs, men can hurt themselves by exercising in ways you probably thought were safe. Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected a list of the 5 most useless or dangerous exercises you should avoid to stay fit and healthy.
Don’t forget that even though exercising is a surefire way to stay healthy, you might be doing more harm than good to your body. Take note of whether you feel an unnatural ache in your shoulders or arms after your workout. Another important thing to understand is that a particular exercise needs to be followed to the T. This means that if you’re doing it even the slightest bit wrong, the entire ordeal may be in vain.

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-The gym market has been flooded with cheap core-strengthening ab machines. Even if the machine is perfectly calibrated to your body size, there is still a high probability of the strain going directly to your lower back. Try to find a trainer to explain the best way to do an exercise. You may think that a machine may be useless, but there could be something you’re forgetting to do with it.
-The behind-the-head shoulder press is another dangerous exercise that you should avoid. Holding something behind your head puts your shoulders in a very dangerous position, and that danger is amplified with any additional weight you use.
-Another machine you need to be on the lookout for is the Smith machine. The Smith machine is an upright, steel assembly designed to help with squatting. The weight puts a strain on your entire body, so you need to evenly distribute the weight to avoid hurting yourself. But with a Smith machine, your back is forced to stay straight the entire time.
-The hip adductor machine may look like it’s used as a leg exerciser, but the majority of the strain falls directly onto your hips. Overall, there is no natural movement or task that should require you to load your hips with weight in this style.
-Another dangerous gym machine is the seated torso rotator. Physicians have found that the machine is actually twisting and straining your spine. The irony of this is that the more you use this machine and stretch your obliques, the further you’ll twist and damage your spine.

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